About Us


The WENTZ BACKGROUND born as a photographic studio in the hands of Volnei and Milena partners. It did not take long for them to realize how important the proper preparation of the test environment.

The photographic studio established in one of the largest textile poles of Brazil, provided a peculiar condition photographers, to that could improve the photographic backgrounds and existing scenarios in the domestic and world market.

The company has invested in research and development to achieve the quality of their current product line. Years were seeking alternatives with the local textile engineering, whose excellence is recognized internationally.


The line of photographic backgrounds of WENTZ BACKGROUND been developed from the best yarn research to product application. Experienced photographers for their work since 2005, have achieved excellence required with the application of a special yarn for making fabric mesh pattern (helanca or dry polyester).

The wire 100% polyester provides the manufacture of a perfect mesh for making prints by sublimation process. The company, outsourced, manufactures its own fabric knitted by specification resulting from research and development applied to obtain the best product.

To achieve the desired quality, Wentz oversees the entire process of sublimation getting amazing results with temperature control, time and pressure especially different to photographic backgrounds.

It is no coincidence that the photographic backgrounds are conquering the national and world markets as a result of the dedication of your development team, research and manufacturing.

The Wentz photographic backgrounds have the ideal characteristics with excellent weight, perfect suppleness and lasting durability. In addition to the measures extra wide , currently exclusive to Wentz.

Our products are made to provide effects in contrast and most impressive photographic techniques aligned sparkles. Experience is obviously gorgeous.


The WENTZ BACKGROUND renews its brand to expand markets. From the success in meeting the demanding Brazilian market, the company has successfully tested its products in important markets such as the European and American, receiving full acceptance of the quality of its products.

From 2018, the company launches website for exclusive sale on the international market, with major partnerships in logistics and payment methods. directly serving the photographers from all world regions.

Our customers will be serviced directly by commercial and administrative team, getting product information, monitoring and tracking your orders.


WENTZ The products will be marketed exclusively by digital channels of the company. We do not have distributors, agents or resellers. Our commercial policy aims to be in direct contact with our clients, meeting immediate requests for prompt delivery, requests for funds from its portfolio available on the websites and applications for exclusive prints sent by customers.

The direct care policy by digital channels via communication by chat, messenger, instagram, facebook, whatsapp, allows being very close to the needs of our customers without losses in distribution and logistics.

The company keeps contract with leading international logistics company for fast and efficient service. Our concern is to be able to meet the domestic and international markets with promptness, quality and appropriate price policy.


The disclosure Wentz maintain partnerships with leading national and international photographers, through substantial discounts on the purchase of photographic backgrounds. The partners are established by return analysis disclosures, user experience and mutual trust at work.

The company always consider the impact of partnerships in terms of user experience, quantitative expression in the digital media market and not conflict.

Commercial partnerships are contained in trade policy in the field of dissemination, as the company believes that the distribution and direct marketing meets with excellence our customers in the various markets.

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